SizeGenetics Results: Increase Penis Size Up to 8.7 Inch [See Pics] Apr 12th, 2019   [viewed 33 times]

After spending several years just using male enhancement pills (without getting any results), most of the men want to try something new.

They look for a solution to permanently increase their penis size, and so they switch to penis extender like SizeGenetics.

This penis extender device has been selling since 2001. It’s an FDA approved a medical device that has been clinically tested and proven to enlarge penis size up to 8.7 Inch.

I did my research and ordered this penis enlargement device to personally test it for comfort, quality, and most importantly, results.

Through this blog, I‘ve tried to reveal the whole truth behind SizeGenetics Results.

So if you’re interested to know all about this male enhancement product and eager to see SizeGenetics before and after pics, then continue reading…


What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a penis extender device that has been in the market from the past 17 years.

It’s a Type 1 medical device that has been FDA approved, clinically tested and endorsed by doctors.

This penis enlargement device claims to increase the penis length by a few inches, give you stronger, long-lasting erections, help correct curvature, and increased sexual confidence.


How SizeGenetics Work To Enlarge Your Penis?

This male stretcher device attaches both the tip and base of the man’s dick and applies a gentle stretch, which causes gaps in the penis cells.

This process further promotes cell growth, which creates length and fills in the gaps.

Cytokinesi is a scientific name of this process, but it’s also widely known as traction.

SizeGenetics also increases the blood circulation to your genital area and also increase the size of the blood vessels there, which simply means the penis can hold more blood, thereby increasing the penis size.


SizeGenetics Results Photos After 6 Months

After 6 months of daily use, SizeGenetics helped a lot of men gain 0.3 inches in girth and 1.1 inches in length.

The users have to be patient though, as the results are not immediate. However, if you follow the instructions and guidelines to use this product, you’ll see SizeGenetics results permanent.

To get best and fast results, you have to wear this penis enlargement device for 6 hours every day for the entire 4 months.

This traction device is worth though, as the results are permanent.

People from all around the world have shared their SizeGenetics before and after pictures on the Internet and have praised this product for changing their lives.


If you’re reading this part of the blog, then you must be interested to know…


Where To Buy Size Genetics and How Much Does it Cost?

The only place to buy SizeGenetics penis enlargement device is its Official Website.  The company is offering 6-months money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the results, and you can return the product within the given time limit.

Note: There’re tons of fake or knockoff products out there, so always buy this penis stretcher device straight from the Size Genetics official website, in order to take advantage of their buying benefits.

Now, take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions on SizeGenetics results and gains.




Can You Wear SizeGenetics Traction Device While You Sleep?

Well, it depends. If you don’t move much in the night and sleep on your back, then the chances are you can wear this device overnight.

But if you move a lot then it might make you uncomfortable. In such a situation, I would suggest you put this traction device on a lower tension setting just to be safe.


How Quickly Will You See Gains?

The answer to this question completely depends on how much effort and time you put into using this penis enlargement device regularly.

If you’re leading a healthy lifestyle and are determined to use this device then you’ll definitely see the gains fast.

Another way to speed up the process is to do penis enlargement exercises.


Are SizeGenetics Results Permanent?

According to the customer reviews, men who have used this penis extender over 2 months and stopped it, still have the gains. Also, the clinical trials show that the results are permanent and long-lasting.

This review includes SizeGenetics results with before and after photos of gains by users, does it work, clinical study, side effects and how to use.

This blog includes information all about SizeGenetics results, how it works, where to buy and FAQ.